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One of our latest projects is to provide a building to support volunteers, both locally & internationally, who want to give their services to HOTPEC..

We are raising money to provide a new building which will accommodate volunteers who are willing to work at the orphanage.

In addition, in the long term, we want to be able to support staff and volunteers by providing training both in child care and pedagogy.

The cost of this ambitious project is estimated at £47,000.  It is hoped that David & Joy Bark will travel to Cameroon to hand it over this November (2013)

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Water is one of the essentials of life.  However, HOTPEC cannot be guaranteed the constant supply that we in Britain enjoy.  There are times when the orphanage are without running water for several days.

  When two of our volunteers, Barbara and Lynda, were there in October 2011, there was a period of five days when there was no running water.  You can read a little of the story of their visit on the VOLUNTEERING page on this web site.  

The building of a water tower will improve the life of the 120 children, 10 staff and several volunteers by allowing water to be stored when the mains water supply fails.  It will also greatly improve the water pressure.

The cost of installing the water tower is £4,000


The £4,000 required to build the water tower has now been

raised.  Thank you to all those who helped